topic Preface


   These are some collected stories by my mother, May Reulet Gravois and her sister, Helen Reulet Gravois who grew up in Vacherie, Louisiana.

   As I get each one via email, I add them to a directory and edit them to find "topics" and then run a small program to create htm pages and the index. I try to make it simple and easy to update. The files are plain text and are named PAGE01 through PAGE.. (Right now the highest value is PAGE45.)

   I then insert a dot line before any paragraph that has topic of note.

   Then I run the whole collection through a program that creates a new file named PAGEnn.HTM which has some primitive html tags. The program also collects the topic lines to build the index.

   As I surf through the topic side bar on the left, I feel as though I am eavesdropping on the many stories that were told and retold under the pecan trees.

   Warning: These are memoires. They are things that are "remembered", "the way I remember it, it went like this". These are not to be treated as expert testimony from expert witnesses to history, but as the memories of some people who were there and feel that "things went this way or that way". Nothing more, nothing less.


   All comments are welcome.

   Please email them to me