topic papa's Desk


   Every New Year's Day Papa sat at his desk and went through all his papers accumulated throughout the year and cleaned up. He threw lots of papers on the floor. One of us would pick that up when he was through.None of us would ever go to his desk to look at what he had as far as I know. There were pigeon holes all across the top which was covered. I knew that there was a pistol in one of the pigeon holes. Never,never would anyone touch that as far as I know.The big shelf opened up and provided a good-sized writing surface.That desk was always kept in the living room ,until he moved to the closed in side porch. The desk was then moved there.

   After Papa died ,it happened that Earl was going through the desk and took out the pistol . He fooled around with it certainly believing it wasn't loaded! Well, the pistol fired one shot, and Earl just about collapsed because he realized that one or more children might be outside. It so happened that Colin was a child who was out in the yard. Thank the Lord, no one was hit.