topic 1910-1940

unpainted house

   Unpainted Houses

   Most of the houses where we lived were unpainted. They were plain Cypress boards -- meant to last long -- but the Acadians did not care to spend money for paint. I think there were less than 10 houses that were painted.

   There was the big Red Store down the road across from Shexnayder's today. That building had the only phone in Vacherie and when the store burned down, the telephone went with it. Then no one wanted to pay the phone charges -- so the telephone company took down all the telephone lines which must have been for 8 or 9 miles.

topic Mourning

   At the time I was growing up and certainly way before, when a person died, all the women relatives wore black, especially the grown women. The younger girls wore black and white or all black. Men wore a black tie and black band over their long sleeved shirts. By the way, I don't think there were short-sleeved shirts.

   That was a sad time for us after Vic died. Aunt Marie did some sewing for us. She made us each 2 dresses, black and white checks -- I don't remember how long we were obliged to wear them to go out for school and church. Mama sewed for us too, but maybe she wasn't able to sew in those few months after Vic died. Anyway, she was unable to sew also because my sister Rosemary was born exactly 2 months after Vic died. She was born May 16, 1925.

topic 2000 February 20

   Today Zeke, Grace and Mabel came to go to Mass with me. The Mass was for Grace and David who are ill. David is her grandson. He is being treated for bone cancer. (He just found out that he was accepted at Jesuit High School for the 8th grade.) We went to lunch at Vasquez after Mass and had a nice time and lunch. It was nice being with them and talking and recalling -- Aunt Aline and the children -- I remember it was Earl's birthday. The Mass was also for John and Jo.

   Sunday, February 20, 2000 Rosemary came with Sarah and Rosalind. We were outside to plant Iris bulbs. (Supposed to make blue and yellow flowers.) Rosemary helped me get the pictures of Lou's family and her wedding pictures -- and others. I was glad to see them.

topic 1938

Wilfred Soule College

   The Way It Was Wilfred had finished high school in 1938 -- and there was no work for him except for the coming grinding season. He would get a job at the Sugar house at Webre Steib Plantation. As we were leaving one Sunday afternoon, I asked him if he wanted to plan to come live with us so he could go to Business School.

   He came on Labor Day 1938 -- with Edgar, Agnes, Ernest, and Wanda Poche'. He stayed with us until he married Margie Estrade in April 1941. He had gone to business school and gotten a job. After he was married he got drafted but did not go overseas. He worked with Stan in Cash Finance Business until it closed up. Then he found out that he could be a car salesman and he did that until he retired.

   Stan and Mariette Brierre Bezou (she had married George Bezou and he died during the pandemic influenza of 1918) --- After Stan came to New Orleans for Soule' School and got a job, he married the widow Mariette. After she died in 1938, December 27 -- He asked us to move to his house to be with him and Pepere Brierre. It was at 4450 Franklin Avenue. It was the top floor of a Triplex -- a beautiful home. So Wilfred had to make himself a bed in the back. In a few months Pepere Briere moved with his son George, and Wilfred moved in Stan's room. Stan sold the house in August -- and we all moved to a nice cottage on 4466 Painters Street where we stayed one year, then moved to 2322 Jasmine St. near Clematis -- where we lived for 21 years and where we were living and had Richard 1940, Jimmie 1945, Carolyn and Charles 1946, and Rosemary 1954.

topic 1959

teaching - back to Rosemary

   After Rosemary was 5 years old, I applied for a teaching position at St. Gabriel's Elementary School. I took a 2nd grade class for the fat salary of $175 a month. That was fine with me -- because the last time I was a teacher (from 1932 to 1936) I was paid $50 a month, and my last year I had a big raise to $70 a month for 9 months.

   After St. Gabriel friends encouraged me to apply to Jefferson Parish -- especially Mrs. Elvir (Mike Elvir's mother). I met her only once but enjoyed talking with her on the phone.

   I went to the Jefferson Parish school board office and met Paul Hubbell, a former high school teacher. He introduced me to Supt. Solis and I was given a job in Kenner -- Westgate School.

topic Big House


   The Big House The loss from the fire that destroyed all we had. We were awakened in the night by the smoke and roaring flames that consumed this all cypress comfortable house in a short while -- All persons were saved -- all material goods destroyed except for Florence's little rocker which we kept. (In a later time I rocked Bernice as a small baby -- I was 5 at the time.) We were given shelter by neighbors until another house was able to provide shelter to the family, about 15 people including 4 young children.

topic rivers

   Rivers I Have Crossed "A city without a river is like life without love." Goethe

   Most famous cities have famous rivers.

   Paris -- Seine

   London -- Thames

   Vienna -- Danube

   New Orleans -- Mississippi

   Rome -- Elba

   Prague -- Vitava

   Rivers I Have Crossed (Beginning this account on June 6, 1983 -- 39 years after D-Day in Normandy)

   1. The Mississippi -- at its highest level since 1927 or earlier. The Bonnet Carre' spillway has been opened completely -- The river is so wide and high at Vacherie to Lutcher that it is almost scary to cross. The ramp from the Vacherie side is now short and amazing to see the Ferry sitting up so high. When the River gets down gradually things will look better. I suppose they'll have to rebuild the ramp. I crossed the Mississippi River at Vacherie, Baton Rouge, Natchez, Memphis, St. Louis and of course New Orleans, Chalmette, Pointe a la Hache, Donaldsonville, and other places. I remember crossing the Red River at Alexandria.

   Did we cross the Danube?

   The Tibre in Rome

   Of course the Thames in London -- We were on the Red Rover Bus Tour and crossed the river many times. The Liffey River in Dublin -- quite a memory -- Our visit to the pub -- our stay at the Clarence Hotel -- Our large lovely room -- with the three beds and in the morning Rosemary saying, "Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear."

   The Seine River in Paris -- What an attraction! The Notre Dame -- and then the Left Bank. Didn't we do some walking all day that Saturday in October in 1979. Good memories of that day. Colin dropped us off at the Cathedral -- and we were just dazzled by it all -- Made our way to the hotel Raspail by night. Then Colin, Hamida and Hedy had us for supper. Sunday we drove to Chatres -- Lovely day --

   The Potomac River Washington, D.C.

   The San Antonio River in San Antonio brings memories of very, very hot days.