topic 1950

History contest Ronnie

   I remember when Ronnie took part in a History contest on a Saturday morning on the radio. He answered his questions (about 3) correctly. I was so happy and proud to hear him doing so well.

topic radio


   Richard also made a radio stint. He was interviewed by Jill Jackson. I remember he told her he wanted to go to high school at St. Benedict's Seminary.

topic television


   Rosemary appeared on television when she participated in a Pledge March for _________. She and a Ferrara boy were interviewed on noon day news -- and she sort of monopolized the time -- because she was quicker with the answers -- and the young man was very polite and allowed her to overshadow him. I understand his mother was disappointed about that. It was a good interview for Rosemary.

   Rosemary participated in Gemini Art Program for young people -- sponsored by the Federal government. She had art classes for several weeks at a Junior High School near Paris Avenue. Three of the class were selected to be interviewed by Channel 12 TV. We all met one afternoon -- and the students were interviewed alone in a TV Room. I was allowed to be present for her interview. An art picture was shown to her and she volunteered what she thought about it. A Homer Winslow --

   Some weeks later when her art course was finished she was interviewed again and gave her impressions on the same picture to detect if she discriminated certain points of "good art" and gave a more critical point of view. Her interview was selected best of the 3 students and hers was taped and sent to the Gemini Archives in Washington, D.C. We were told her appearance would be shown locally -- but they forgot to notify us so we missed the first part and a phone call from Vacherie got me to the TV in time to catch the later part of the interview. Of course, she did very well. I called the director of the station to complain that we had not been notified of the showing -- He offered to show it to the family privately but I just never got around to making the appointment to view it.

topic 1985 travels

Asheville Jimmie Lu Orion

   More Travels October 17, 1985

   We are on the road to Asheville, North Carolina to visit, Lu, Jim and Orion. We hope to reach there by tomorrow afternoon. I spoke with Jimmie this morning and he said the fall colors on trees are just beautiful. We hope to take pictures -- good, colorful shots. We had a very good ride so far. We left home at about noon. It took us so long to get ready -- clothes, medication, gas and car checkup -- and cash and travelers' checks.

   Now we are well situated at Best Western -- maybe about less than 100 miles from Atlanta -- in Opelika, Alabama. Bernice and Woodie are due in Asheville about midday Monday -- so we hope to meet and spend some time with them. They'll be there Monday and Tuesday -- then on to Durham, N.C.

   Saturday, October 19, 1985 Jimmie, Lu, Orion, Gaston and I had a beautiful ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains all afternoon -- after a Mexican lunch. I had a great time collecting red, yellow leaves -- also red and yellow berries. That was a lot of fun. I just don't care to ride so far up the mountains.

   Ate ice cream later.

   Watched some football games -- now waiting to watch the World Series -- 1st game.

topic 1988


   June 15, 1988 Today we went to see Lillie who is recovering from abdominal surgery. She looks well, and doing well enough. We had a good chat together. She showed me the beautiful blue crystal rosary Stan gave her for Easter in 1955. It has a very beautiful sterling silver cross -- with her initials and date on the back. She is O.K.

   Then we drove on to the Walnut Room for lunch at N.O. Airport. We've tried to eat lunch there several times -- just for the view of planes arriving and leaving. Well, the food was a disappointment. Came out in the hot sun at 2 and got home really fast to cool off and relax. This has been a very sad week for us -- Warren is marrying Mary Ellen on Sunday and it is very sad. I wish the weekend would be over. Karen leaves Monday for several days in California on business for Ronnie's office. I think she will be with Paul and Gay for Sunday -- barbecue.

   It is also Father's Day -- June 19th. Jimmie and family on way to Philly -- will stop in D.C. for a bit. Orion will have a wonderful vacation there and in Philly -- later here at the end of July --

   Richard and Carolyn are due in Saturday -- We haven't seen Richard since 1987. He says he's all right.

topic 1988

Florence Nell Bernice

   I spent a very good weekend with Bernice in Pensacola also with Nell and Florence. Good ride each way. Beautiful weather. Woodie is fine enjoying his beautiful garden -- a rain forest. He also has a few chickens, gets enough eggs for their use -- Enjoyed seeing Kaye with Brian and Tina. Leo was working 12-hour shifts, so we didn't get to see him. Robert had just left for Army Camp in Kansas.

topic blotters

   Blotters What happened to blotters? I remember when I was in grade school, I always had a blotter within easy reach on my desk. There were 2 inkwells at the top middle of the double desk -- for the ink. You were responsible for keeping your desk top clean and careful not to spill ink when you dipped the ink pen for your writing with ink. Sometimes there were gobs of ink that would fall on your paper. You blotted it immediately -- but if it was not cleaned too well you had to start over on another sheet of paper. We were extra careful not to waste paper. All school supplies (books, pens, pencils, paper) were brought from home, purchased by your parents and cautioned not to waste or lose anything. In fact, your books would be handed down the next year for a young brother or sister who followed you the next year. (There were some girls who had quit school in 3rd or 4th grade because their parents could not afford the school books.)

   Huey Long came on a campaign trip to Lutcher at the ferry landing. He stood up in the back of a pickup truck with books stacked up in columns 5 and 6 feet tall. There he made his speech -- declaring school books free for all students.