topic 1999 January


   January 22, 1999

   So I rediscovered my writing. Too bad I didn't keep it up. My writing is much worse and I am getting old -- 86 now since the 10th of January.

   I just reread all my notes.

   Our dear Gaston passed away on Sunday, Nov. 15, 1998 at 9:45 a.m. He died so peacefully. What a blessing. We were all around him and touching him -- and praying interiorly -- I thought at this moment he is meeting the Lord, whom he served and loved so faithfully. I hope he had a happy death.

   Sometimes I can't believe he is really gone from us. Today I found his comb that he had misplaced last summer -- and I thought quickly, "Here's your comb." It brought me to tears. Many times I shed tears for him for I do miss him very much. I have to try to stop and change my trend of thoughts.

topic Angel


   Angel Webre died this past Thursday. She would have been 93 on May 22nd! What a wonderful person she was to all who knew her. She was always so very nice to me and always welcomed me. I saw her a few weeks ago and she hardly spoke but sat there with tears in her eyes. She died Thursday at about 1 o'clock. I thought at around 12 o'clock I'd go see her -- and then I decided my cold was too bad to go out and expose others to it. She was dying at that time -- She worked hard most of her life. She left school in the 4th grade to go to work for a family -- take care of children and do housework, washing and ironing and all general help around a home -- for very little money, which she sent home. Her father was out of work and sick. She helped support the family by doing domestic work until she got married. What a sacrifice -- but she did what she had to do and her mother's prayers certainly helped her to better herself and lead a good life wherever she went.

   I'll miss her -- but I understand how hard it will be for her daughter Rosemary. They've lived together always and she certainly helped Rosemary bring up her children. God bless you, Angel -- Her name was Archange Bourgeois Webre.

   (My daughter) Rosemary and Jim are very busy with their little family. Plenty to do and many activities with and for the children, who are doing very well indeed! Thank the Lord for them -- and keep them healthy and energetic. Jeanne had a baby boy: Adam Mariano October 30, 1998 3:58 p.m. 8 lbs. 14 ounces 20 1/2 inches Rocky Chutuape (Dad)

topic 1940's

Christmas long ago

   A Memory of a Past Christmas of Long Ago Warren and Ronnie saved 50 cents to buy me a large box of talcum (dusting) powder.

   Today, Saturday, December 11 I just had a phone call from Richard. Then another call from Wilfred telling me the very tragic news that Rose's daughter Margaret was killed in a traffic accident yesterday afternoon. She died in a Baton Rouge hospital. May the Lord receive her with His Everlasting Love --

   We attended the funeral in St. James. The church was so crowded. She was very much loved by all who knew her. She was so kind to all who met her. She was a very loving and beautiful wife and mother.

topic 1860's

Placide Falgoust Civil War

   Civil War Account That I Heard

   Great grandfather Placide Falgoust was a guard around the area of Thibodaux to guard the Bayou LaFourches against an attack from the Federal forces around Donaldsonville and the Mississippi River area. I don't think he fired a shot.

topic 1910's

ValCour Aime Papa the Rancher

   The Rancher

   Papa owned a herd of cattle from the time we lived in Valcour Aime and ever after, I believe. We always had one to two cows to supply enough milk for the family. Mama did the milking chores until Raymond, Florence and I could take turns. After the morning milking, the cow and the calf were left in the same yard for several hours. Then they had to be separated. If we were at school, it meant Mama had to do that chore. Papa loaned some cows to family members, who needed milk for their children. I remember once when I was with him, we went to a colored family in the black quarters of the farm to get a cow and calf loose to the meadow because the woman was starving the calf. He opened the gate and moved the calf to freedom and his manner was very serious. He said she was starving the baby calf. The woman looked and said nothing.

topic 1920's

Unlocked Door

   The Unlocked Door

   How safe we were in our growing up years -- It's hard to believe how very safe we felt in the '20s, '30s and '40s. When I'd come for a weekend at Angel's Gaston would take me to the movies and when we came back, the front door was unlocked. Was there just one key? It was a large key, only one to the front door and/or back door. It was the same at Aunt Aline's. You could walk in any time and the door was not locked (unless it was after all had gone to bed).

topic 2000 Feb

2000 February

   February 20, 2000

   Today, Feb. 20, 2000, Grace, Zeke, Mabel, Eunice and I are going to attend Mass at St. James Major. The Mass will have prayers for Grace and David, her grandson who is ill with bone cancer -- 12 years old. We'll go out for lunch later.

   Monday, March 20 Jimmie had a birthday on the 16th. Warren was here Saturday night. I'm going to see Dr. Alper Wednesday afternoon -- for 1:30. He'll probably explain the results of the latest tests.

   Amyloidosis This is the disease that Grace Whitaker has. It is a very rare and unusual illness for which there is no known cure.

   Monday, May 14, 2001 Grace called me and seemed much encouraged. She was able to walk using the walker. The pelvic bone area hurt her so much. She is suffering very much, but is very courageous. She has 3 daughters, school teachers, who will have more time now that vacation is coming. She has a very devoted aid or sitter whose name is Lou and is so faithful and gives her much help.