topic 1983

Jimmie Peru

   June 25, 1983 Phone call 11 a.m. from Jimmie Jimmie called today from Cusco, Peru. They are doing fine. No problems. Everything is very, very cheap. Fiesta going on -- and every street is crowded with celebrations. It was good to hear from him.

   Jim McIntosh is here in N.O. I told Jimmie that so he asked me to call Jim back and mail Jim a card. Jim Mc lives in Dallas -

   We had a second card from Jimmie mailed from Pisco, Peru -- Picture on card was of Camana, Peru. It took one week to travel here.

topic 1983, June

Marjorie Florence Raymond's place

   June 28, 1983

   We had a very good reunion at Raymond's on Sunday the 26th -- It was a rainy day, though, so we had to stay indoors. His new boat, "Gypsy Duo," is 30 feet long. Marjorie's son, Russell, had come in for 2 weeks -- from Hawaii. He will be in Okinawa soon. He has 3 more years in the Navy.

   Tuesday, June 28, 1983

   Don Mooney just called. Wanted news about all. He has 3 children: 12, 14, and 16 years old. He left me his address so Richard can send him a card.

   Amazing -- the phone calls -- one from Jim McIntosh from Dallas (friend of Jimmie's) and then today this call from Don Mooney.

   Wednesday, June 29, 1983 This is Adam's birthday -- 12 years old.

topic 1983 July

Bernice Florence Nell Bernice John Josie Janice Woodie

   July 1983

   Florence, Nell, Janice, Josie, Norma and I spent a few days in Pensacola. Had a lovely time -- Good, super ride -- Woodie and Bernice and Robert doing fine. Much rain in their rain forest -- so much green -- Beautiful garden which is Woodie's pleassure. Janice was not feeling too well, but made out O.K.

   July 18, 1983

   We spoke to Rosemary from Warren's on her birthday -- also Stephanie's birthday. Had good, good barbecued chicken and vegetables at Warren's -- Tuttie was with us, too -- and doing very well.

   Today Daddy is ill with a virus. It is so unusual to see him sick in bed -- He is feeling better tonight.

topic 1983

Paris Alice Kleppinger Paulette

   Mrs. Alice Kleppinger is back from Paris. She stayed 6 weeks and had a very fine time. Larry is going very well.

   Richard and Paulette are arriving this week to leave the children -- and then go to Paris -- for 2 weeks -- Hope everything goes fine. Had a good card from Jimmie from Cusco, Peru -- He'll be in Ecuador by now, I think.

   I am enjoying a TV play (movie) about "A Town Called Alice," a touching story about WWII prisoners of war in Malaysia -- on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

   Gerard has been cleaning and scraping the garage to paint it. I do hope he paints it this week. His scraping is too good a job.

   Maude is in Metairie for a few days. I hope we can get to see her before she leaves.

topic 1990 February


   February 18, 1990

   I just read through some notes in here. Wish I had been more faithful in recording events.

   Many many times I sit here in my chair in the den -- and think about the past -- It is not good to dwell on that too much -- only if it is the better and happier days -- and times in my childhood, high school days, and my children.

   I suppose we did well, considering how deprived we were by today's standards, but we were pretty happy -- had lots of worries.

   When I think of the children growing up -- I am sorry that we did not have a car -- It was very lonely not being able to take them out. Always depending on rides from others.

   Here living in the city, though -- we had such excellent bus and street car service. Sometimes, we'd take the younger ones to City Park by bus -- or to Audubon Park. For Mardi Gras I reemember taking several of them by bus and standing on Canal St. in a very poor location -- terribly crowded. But the parades were fun and the children enjoyed it. Then the long tiresome ride home -- How good it was to get home.

   Rosemary and her family, Jim and the 4 children, live with us now. We love them all. We are trying to help all we can -- The baby is a real joy to us. We see her developing and learning new things every day.

   I had 5 bypasses in July 1987 -- I think I am doing pretty well. The doctor doesn't seem too encouraging -- but since he did the angiogram in September, he had quite a scare when my pressure was dropping after the procedure. He didn't say much after that. When I saw him 4 weeks later he said the 3 minor arteries were blocked up again. He didn't suggest doing anything more. I think he sort of "gave up" on my case. My blood pressure is good and the cholesterol level was 183 -- So what's going on -- I don't know.

   I just try to pray and be ready for the time when it'll be the moment to go before the Lord -- I hope I can be received with mercy. Dear Lord, I ask again. Have mercy on me --

topic 1990 May

Jimmie Adam chicken pox Ronnie

   Sunday, May 20, 1990

   Glad Adam is home from New York and not returning. He'll attend another university. I know he'll do well.

   I've had a case of bronchitis for 2 weeks. I am now doing better. It is so unusual for me to have congestion. The doctor said as long as I improve a little every day and drink lots of fluid, I'll be O.K. I asked him if it was my heart causing this and he said no.

   Jimmie will be traveling to Columbia, South Carolina this weekend to start summer school -- He plans to get a Masters in Library Science. Good -- I'm always glad to see them interested in more schooling.

topic 1990, May 23

sean checken Pox Daniel Paulette Renee

   Now Sean has chicken pox. Next 2 weeks we'll be watching his sisters. Hope Ann doesn't get it now.

   May 25

   Sean is doing fine. Ann wanted to go to school, but they are off this week. We took a ride to the Lakefront. Ann slept the whole time.

   Ronnie called tonight. He is working until August 31 -- then retiring from the tax business.

   Spoke to Paulette. She might let Renee and Daniel come spend a week or so.

topic 1990 August

Antoine Carolyn Paulette & Richard

   Sunday, August 19, 1990 We went to Mass at Holy Rosary Church this morning.

   I spoke with Carolyn today -- a good conversation. Paulette and Richard will be there this week with Daniel to get his checkup at Baylor Medical. Antoine gets his stomach surgery tomorrow. We pray that all is well