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   Richmond, Indiana Sept. 27, 1982

   We left O'Fallon, Ill. at about 10 or 10:30am today. We had a wonderful weekend with Chip and Aimee's family.

   We were fortunate enough to attend the St. Louis Cardinals - Chicago Cubs baseball game -- which the Cardinals won (and then won the World Series!)

   On Saturday, we took Florence with us to Belleville to visit Our Lady of the Snows Shrine -- a very beautiful place. We saw the Dr. Tom Dooley Center, which is a center for conferences and lectures, talks, etc.

   On Sunday Gary and Linda (friends of Chip and Aimee) took us all (12 of us) to a country store where we saw all kinds of farm and dairy produce. Very interesting. I bought a basket for rolls or biscuits. Then we took a long ride to the apple farm of Eckerts -- We each were given a bag, then were driven in a wagon and tractor up the hill to the apple trees. We picked apples, the juicy red and green-yellow ones. It was fun reaching up with a long pole with a wire top -- that would knock the apples off the branches. Sometimes I could get 2 at a time. It was fun, but Gaston got a headache from bending over to pick up some he knocked to the ground.

   Later we feasted by the van -- picnic style -- cheeses -- crackers -- funnel cakes and apple cider and beer. It was a most interesting experience.

   Then we rode over to Linda and Gary's house -- beautiful with a lake in back -- that freezes over in winter -- they go skating when the ice gets 5 inches thick.

   Their children are all good friends with Aimee's.

   Tonight I spoke with Karen. Sorry I didn't leave my phone number where we are staying here -- I hope Charles is doing all right. We pray that all goes well -- We hope to get to Barbara's tomorrow afternoon and will try to visit Canton's Hall of Fame Football Museum.

   Today we drove clear across southern Illinois and Indiana. Tomorrow it'll be half of Ohio. We drove through Greenfield, Indiana -- home of James Whitcomb Riley -- but did not turn off the Interstate because it was getting late -- Too bad. We also went through an area known as Raintree country -- Must find out about it.

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Notre Dame Barbara (Leo's daughter) Kiels

   South Bend, Indiana Sept. 29, 1982

   We reached Dayton, Ohio by 5 p.m. Sept. 28 -- We had passed it up because we wanted to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. We thoroughly enjoyed that -- It was a moving experience. In several areas, you could push a button and see movies and hear sounds of important, crucial or great plays of some fantastic games. It was great seeing Johnny Unitas in action -- What a great player -- also saw Dempsey's field goal kick of 62 (or is it 65?) yards --

   Barbara and son Brian were waiting for us with a delightful and tasty supper -- even chocolate cake for dessert. She has a lovely 2-story house on Main Street of a small town. The Post Office is in the same block. Across the street we saw the house where Leo lived. His bedroom faces the street and we reminisced about when he lived there. Brian and Barbara are fine, lovely people. Her husband, Tom, was away in New York State. He drives an 18-wheeler rig delivering Morton Salt and goes to N.Y. state about once a month. It's a hard job. Brian works in a window factory where they make thermal windows and other kinds. Low housing construction will hurt their business in winter. The other son, Scott, is in the Navy and stationed near San Francisco where his ship will be in dry dock for 8 months. He's hoping to come home on leave for Christmas. Dillon is a very quiet small town where it can be fun living on Main Street and see whatever activity goes on --

   We drove westward then and decided to stop again at Notre Dame University. We are staying at a motel nearby. Last night we could hear the band playing the Irish Fight Song. They'll be playing Michigan State team on Saturday, so we'll hear it on the radio or TV.

   Spoke with Charles tonight and disappointed that he did not keep his doctor's appointment. So it must be some condition.

   The Kiels are expecting us tomorrow afternoon -- We'll visit and talk through the weekend.

   In Ohio we were driving on state and rural highways to get to South Bend -- because we wanted to see the country. IIn one town we saw a beautiful museum and monument to President Rutherford B. Hayes. We crossed a road later that stated memorial to G. S. Porter and I suppose it meant Gene Stratton Porter -- We also saw some Amish people -- horse buggy riding or some sitting by roadside to sell apple cider. Unusual dress -- dated 100 years ago maybe. The keep aloof from the rest of America.

   Later we did see a sign signifying a farm could be visited, but we were too late to get off the highway to find it on an offshoot country road.

   We drove crosswise through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio in 2 directions and it's c l e a n -- Louisiana the dream state -- Where are you? Would signs saying $500 fine for throwing trash bring any results?

   We saw police cars in many areas -- and they are stopping traffic for speeding.

   The car drove superbly. I only noticed some unusual noise yesterday morning -- and the garage man said it seems to be a hole in gasket of exhaust time. I remember close to Memphis a piece of steel about 2 feet long was thrown across the [end of page]

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Nolan Grand Rapids

   Gaston is sleeping peacefully and here I am writing this at 4 in the morning on Sept. 30.

   It would be Nolan's birthday -- He would be 57 today -- Died in Iwo Jima Feb. 19, 1945. We had received the news the same day Franklin Roosevelt died -- April 12, 1945. Reminiscing -- Papa had called me from Baton Rouge and I gave him the news about all of this. He could hardly believe it. He was at Raymond's house at the time. Bernice was there too. REMEMBER: Barbara's birthday is April 23.

   Grand Rapids, Michigan

   We were guests of the Kiels from Thursday evening until Sunday morning after mass. We left there after a very delightful visit. We visited the plant "Body by Fisher" where Jerry works. Also salmon jumping upstream on Grand Rapids River -- Gerald K. Ford Museum.