topic 1920's

blackberries Memere Reulet Bread


   A favorite activity in the Springtime -- usually in the month of May -- after school, getting to the blackberries -- We'd take along each a little bucket -- and enjoyed picking juicy blackberries. Some friend told me to escape the briers by getting my feet muddy (It worked) as we were barefooted. Then coming home to wash out the blackberries by the outside cistern faucet. Then in the kitchen to sprinkle sugar over the berries. So what if our teeth and lips were colored purple for that evening! What a treat! If there was a snake in the brier patch we would beat the bush with a stick and the snake would slither off and away --


   Memere, papa's mother, always made the Sign of the Cross with the knife on the back of the loaf before cutting into a new loaf of bread.

topic 1986, June 30

Golden Wedding 1986

   June 30, 1986 --

   Our Golden Wedding Anniversary -- We were so happy to have all our children home.

   We attended a mass at St. Frances Cabrini on October 19, 1986 -- for all the 50th anniversaries. We were 150 couples. The whole mass was televised. We have a copy of the videotape, also a picture taken with Archbishop Hannon -- which we had framed and which is hanging on the wall in the den.

topic 1940's & 50's

Jasmine Street Wilfred Stan Janice F.D. Rosemary - sister Iris Kiels Earl Woodrow & Rita

   2322 Jasmine Street

   We lived at 2322 Jasmine St. right off Clematis. The neighborhood was known previously as "Edgewood." It was a double house -- a Hi-Lo. We were there for 21 years. We were able to move when we bought our house on Arts Street at 5112 on August 24, 1961 --

   We had moved on Jasmine Street just a few months before Richard was born -- Later on, Jimmie, then Charles and Caroolyn, and then Rosemary were born while we lived there. We kept busy with the children and for many years had other members of the family living with us. First of all, Stan and Wilfred -- Then my sister Rosemary, later on Janice and Iris for a short time. But we had many visitors! Especially during WWII -- all relatives going to or from the war stopped by for a day or couple of days and nights. I wish I had recorded all the visitors we had. F.D. was a frequent visitor especially after the war and while he was recuperating from injuries incurred in Saipan. He has some war record. My brother Earl, also Woodrow -- Rita first came to meet us before they were married. The Kiels stayed with us for 3 weeks -- and developed a lasting friendship. Millie and Bill Steed of Belaire, Ohio stayed a few weeks. We lost touch after Bill died.

   There is much to recall -- It makes me so sad -- But I was young and didn't mind the extra work. I was glad to have people around us --

   Day by day, we managed the best way we could -- Hoping we were helping in a compassionate way -- We prayed a lot. We never, never missed Mass. I always attended 7 o'clock Mass. I can still remember that fast walk to church and hurrying back home so Gaston could get to the next Mass.

   I remember that during the War it was just about impossible to get toys -- no metal of any kind. One Christmas we had toys made of thick cardboard with names of battleships and airplanes.

   I remember taking Warren and Ronnie to Canal Street shopping. We bought a Christmas crib set --Warren said he and Ronnie would bring it home. When I got home he was building a crib set (manger) for the holy family.

   Many school events we attended. The parents' meeting was the only time I got to socialize with other parents from school. I remember so well meeting the Moores -- and became friends forever.

   We tried to get the children the best education we could afford. And at times it was tough to meet the bills but it was going to be paid. Gaston always said, "Trust in the Lord" -- and we always did manage.

   The Graduations, First Communions, Confirmations, Baptisms, Marriages -- All great moments of Joy in our Family -- All our thoughts were for our children.