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   I have many memories of childhood. It all seems so clear -- but there were all kinds of days. We had a happy childhood, I would say. Everyone had chores to do and we did help Mama lot, but we had those golden summers with friends, and parties, and little trips... Summer time meant lazy afternoons, books to read, lemonade, watermelon -- and playing under the pecan trees. I spent half of my life there. We had such room to wander, to go see my relatives -- Aunt Marie with her stories -- my little old grandmother who never raised her voice, also so gentle and soft-spoken.

   We had lots of room to play -- I just loved to be outdoors.

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   Wedding Day

   A beautiful day in my life was my wedding day. I had shopped at Kreeger's in New Orleans for a lace dress and long tulle veil. The bouquet was made of white roses and lillies of the valley. Rette was with me for the shopping and she was the one getting me ready that beautiful sunny morning of Tuesday, June 30, 1936. When I was all ready to go to church, I was sitting in a chair in the dining room and Gaston rushed in to kiss me -- what a surprise! Mama said, "Oh, he's not supposed to see the bride yet" -- But she was laughing.

   The ceremony at church was beautiful. After the ceremony, we went to the sacristy to sign papers. Gaston had called more members of the family to join us and as we were leaving, we met Papa who was coming to the sacristy and he was sobbing out loud. I was so shaken up to see that. Then we all turned back to the church. The reception was at home and under the pecan trees. Many people there.

   I picked a Tuesday because Mama and Papa had gotten married on a Tuesday, and so had Florence.

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   I did a lot of traveling with Papa in south Louisiana -- I know every town and place between Lafayette to Baton Rouge to New Orleans to Grand Isle to Venice, Louisiana. I've been there -- I'd bring along books, pen and paper -- and while Papa was busy doing business with plantation owners or managers, I'd read or write or see sights close by. I'm sorry I did not have a camera with me. I met many people -- I enjoyed the overnight stay at a boarding house -- with a large table filled with food and many people. Papa always enjoyed conversations with new people -- always interesting to me and I learned plenty.

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   On a hot summer afternoon while we were all relaxing under the pecan trees (and if Papa had come back from work in the early afternoon), he'd say, "What about a big pitcher of lemonade!" One of us, Nell or Bernice or Florence or I -- would take the walk to the kitchen and later come out with a pitcher of lemonade, chunks of ice, and glasses. We'd chip ice from the block of ice bought that morning from the traveling ice-man. For 10, we had a big enough chunk of ice to last all day in the old round icebox.