topic 1970's

Keith Michael Stephanie

   Keith and Michael,

   Do you remember one joyous afternoon when Grandpa and I were "trying" to pay you for some minor detail work you had done for us? We were in the kitchen, in front of the stove -- both of you protesting, "no, no, no -- you paid us already" and Grandpa and I were busy stuffing some currency into your pockets -- Remember? We were all laughing and having a good time over it all.

   Those were the happy times we shared together. Nothing made Grandpa so happy as to be able to "share his wealth" with you two boys.

   Grandpa Again

   What made him so happy was to know that Stephanie found a $20 bill and turned it in. He was so happy that she was an honest little girl that he wrote a check for that amount to give her. Stephanie, he always loved you dearly.