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Virginia Dare Papa Florence Loyola

   For my Family and Friends,

   Remember, I had very, very low blood pressure and had to drink a little wine every day after lunch. Papa would get me Virginia Dare wine and everyone in the family made sure that I would drink my little glass of wine every day. Then if it were possible, I would take a nap (Talk about special deals). Once while I was taking my siesta, I could hear Papa and Florence in the kitchen talking about me! She and Papa were discussing how I could go to college! Was I listening?? Florence said that since she had schooling at the Normal Teacher's college, she could start teaching school in September and she could pay for the costs of the college. She told Papa that it was best if I would get the 2 years' teachers course at Southwestern Louisiana Institute and then I would be fully certified to get a teaching certificate in 2 years. I listened and I shed a few tears, because here they are willing to do so much for me!! But Papa insisted that I would go to Loyola Summer School this summer 1930 for 6 weeks first.

   Great, I got ready and we came to New Orleans as soon as possible (tout suite, tout suite). He took me to Loyola and we went up those steps not knowing what, but Papa had had experience and knew how to get to the right office.

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Loyola Angel Canal Street

   The registrar took us to a table in the library which was just classroom. She told me what classes to schedule. There would be 3 for 6 weeks. Then we went to the little to pay $50.00 for the 6 weeks tuition and the lady went around the desk and Papa made out a check. Then we had to get a place for me to live. Papa had a few ideas, but then we went to Angel's (my cousin). She was delighted and Papa said he could send her $3.00 a week. She was delighted. She was my cousin and I had known her all my life and always liked her very much. Then I had to buy a few books, and I remember one costing $1.00. I was lucky I was able to get a ride to school with some teachers who lived close by and they were going to classes, too. To go back to Angel's, I would walk all along Exposition Blvd. to Laurel St., and then about 6 more blocks, If I thought I could spend 7 cents, I would take the street car. Sometimes I would ride the St. Charles Street car all the way to beautiful Canal Street and window shop and enjoy seeing the dazzling, then get to corner of Camp and Canal and ride the Magazine streetcar all the way uptown to State Street before getting off. What an adventure it was for me. Angel was a terrific cook and always had delicious meals prepared. But at that time, I really ate very little and I know I weighed less than a 100 pounds.

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Loyola grades

   This week April 20,2002. I found my report from Loyola and my grades were: 98, 100, 100. Not bad for a little country girl who came from back Vacherie.

   Next article will be a little about Southwestern Louisiana Institute!!!!

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my history

   May Reulet Gravois I am hoping Richard will type this up for me and send it to me and we can begin forwarding little articles that I have been writing for some about 10 years, NOT FOR PUBLICATION! No! Just for family and friends who care what happened to me and for me on this long journey of my life.