topic 1940-1960

Warren Ronnie Sports

   Warren and Ronnie took part in much sports. The Times-Picayune had a track meet in City Park on Sunday mornings. Warren and Ronnie did the racing-- and I'd see their names on the paper the next day.

   When they tried baseball, Mrs. Appel would drive a car full of boys to play baseball in City Park. It must have been the Boy Scouts. When Ronnie first started, his Daddy asked him how he was doing. Ronnie said he didn't hit the ball yet--but every day he was getting a little closer.

   Their Daddy was happy when they took part in sports. He would go to the Sports Dept. at Holmes to buy equipment from Monk Simon who had been a great football player at Tulane University.

topic 1940's


   The Verbena Bakery shop was very popular in Gentilly. Everyone knew about it. It was a stop and gathering place on Sunday mornings after Mass. Gaston would get a box of doughnuts and a French bread every Sunday morning. Sometimes he'd stop to give his order before Mass because it was a long walk home (no car in those days).

   When I could I used to take the little ones at home for a walk very often at about 10 in the morning. When Richard was big enough to take him walking and Warren & Ronnie were in school--I suggested we stop by to see them if it was recess at school -- and we'd stop at church. He was all happy and excited when we got by the door of the church. He asked, "Where are the donees?" (doughnuts) He was disappointed that we couldn't get them at church. He knew that Gaston brought them home after he went to church.

topic 1925


   Just about the saddest and most desolate day of my life was the day of my brother Vic's funeral. Coming home after the funeral -- about 4 in the afternoon -- I went walking all over the backyard. I didn't want to be close to the room where he had died the night before.

   Coming into the room where he was lying on a board in the middle of the room -- with chairs all around. And Vic lying there all dressed up and with black socks on his feet. The room was bare -- so stark -- only the clock was on the mantel and it was stopped at 11 o'clock because that was the hour at which he had died...