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   Dear Jackie, We are doing some typing and trying to jog our memories into recalling things of interest to us and maybe members of our family. It is nothing outstanding ,just ordinary people who lived at that early part of the 20th century and also to the end of that century.

   We think our parents were remarkable to have such a large family to provide for and to protect us and cherish us all the times of our lives.

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Papa Colin Marjorie Pecan trees

   Papa was a remarkable man. To be a Father who had the love and obedience of all his children and we knew how much he loved us all. Would you believe he never once spanked any of us,and neither did Mama. Jackie, we were lacking of many things but always had food ,clothing and shelter, besides living close to our grandmother and uncles and great uncles. We had a wonderful large yard where Marjorie lives now. With 4 beautiful pecan trees, where I say I spent a good part of my life and Colin says he spent half of his life there. I tell Colin "Oh!,I said that first." and also where my children spent 3 or 4 weeks there every summer and I think they all remember that fondly.My parents were pretty well educated and really pushing for more education for all of us.Besides they were very intelligent people. Papa was a man who loved people and would engage a person in conversation and discuss any and all topics of the day.

   Jackie ,we remember a wonderful childhood,

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Nell's computer Florence Antoine

   When we had more we appreciated it all the more because of our experiences. We had a lovely visit with Gayle and Brandi yesterday afternoon. Lovely people. She is sorry she will not be seeing you as much since you are not visiting the school. She was glad to meet you. We took a quick trip to Vacherie to help Nell with her computer(the experts that we think we are!!) But we think her computers is too Slow. I let Colin know that. But the trip turned out fine in another way. We went to see Florence and Antoine and guess what? She had just finished cooking a big pot of chicken and andouile gumbo,so we had a delicious lunch! and then custard cake rolls after that!.

   We were really blessed!

   With love to all the family, Aunt May (Gravois)