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Raymond swimming Grande Isle Biloxi Bayou Chevreuile

   Some more about my brother ,Raymond.

   He was a good swimmer. One summer Papa took some of us to Grand Isle. We had rented a small house. (That was before all the motels and such) We loved to go in the water and at night we could hear the tide rolling in. Just loved to hear that. Well, Raymond would swim out ,and it got me worried. I had never known that he had learned to swim. "WE" would just get in the water and float. We had fun except when it came to fixing a meal. We did not cook at home yet,Mama was always in charge of that. We had to goto the store and get things we could fix more easily.That was the days before fast foods and such.

   On another trip to Biloxi, there was Raymond again at his swimming. I was still concerned that he might go too far. There was a woman swimming near us and I told her I was worried about my brother because he didn't have experience swimming and she told me not to worry about him because he was an excellent swimmer and a strong swimmer. Well,that was a puzzle to me. Where did he learn how to swim?

   Years later I learned that all my brothers and their friends would go out into the woods back of our property and swim in Bayou Chevreuile,and also in the Coteau Canal which was on Webre-Steib Plantation further north of our home. I think it was a deeper canal,and not too long ago my brother, John, told me that's where they learned to swim and Mama knew nothing about it. They all came home as innocent as lambs and apparently had dried their clothes before they got home ready for supper. At that time in their lives they only came in the house to eat and sleep. What a wonderful childhood for these boys (But the girls had to do lots of chores and even take care of babies and toddlers!!)

   Jackie I hope you enjoy this. It really makes me smile to remember!

   Bye for now