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   I want to tell my children and grandchildren and friends what I remember about Rationing during WW2. Many foods that we were used to getting so easily were rationed. We'd get the news suddenly, it seems, on the newspaper or/and the radio. Then we would get the ration stamps, and then work out a system so as not to run out of stamps. Meat was one of the first products rationed. Then gasoline,tires,aluminum ,sugar, soap,soap powder,shoes,etc.

topic 1940's

Spam hogs' liver

   I remember meat was very difficult to get. Sometimes the butcher would have no supply left when I got there. Yes, in spite of having the stamps sometimes I could not get meat. I could get chicken or fish, so it was not too bad. Anyway we usually had eggs on Fridays. I remember standing in line to get meat. (Yes. We had to stand in line, just like going to confession. People did stand in line for confessions at that time.) One day I had my 3 little boys with me to get meat at the little grocery store that was next to Robert's Drug store on Jasmine and Franklin ave. We stood in line ,and the butcher said. "Come back this afternoon. We might have some meat." So we came back at 2 o'clock and stood in line again. He said he only had hogs' liver, so I bought a little of it. I cooked it that night and never again for the rest of my life would I eat hog's liver. Then we were allowed to buy Spam (meat in a can). Never for the rest of my life do I want to eat Spam again.

topic 1940's

wedding cake shoes

   When it came to weddings it was difficult to buy sugar to make the cakes. But I had ample stamps for sugar and I gave some to some friends who needed some for wedding cakes

   To get shoes for my boys was more difficult . We had to decide who needed new shoes the most. It wasn't easy, but that was little sacrifice for the boys who were fighting the war. This is part of what I remember.

   May Reulet Gravois April 23, 2002