topic School Days in Vacherie

WRITER May Reulet Gravois Gaston & Rene Horse Race

   Schooldays in Vacherie.

   Sometimes Gaston and his cousin, Rene would ride horses to school. One famous story which Gaston liked to tell us at least year after year was the time of the horse race. He said that Rene challenged him to race home on their horses, and they each their horses a touch and they were OFF! Along the way, Gaston's cap fell off, so the race was finished right there because Gaston had to get his cap. When he retrieved his cap, he could not get back on the horse. So he tried to get the horse in the ditch so then he could climb back up, but he could not convince that horse to get in the ditch, so he had to walk home holding the reins in his hands.

   This is one of his favorite stories and he delighted in telling and re-telling it and he was not going to stop until he got to the END.