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Gaston & May May & Gaston Proposal 1936 April 11

   On April 11, when Gaston came calling, he had news on his mind. His mother had told him that he had to ask my parents for permission to ask me to marry him, and he had to get their consent.

   Well, I'll set the tableau for you. Gaston came in and was seated on the sofa when Papa walked in which he always did to come talk to Gaston and discuss the city, the politics of the day, or whatever was the latest news.

   After a bit of talking, Gaston thought is was time for him to make his move, so he started to say, "Mr. Victor, I am asking for your permission to ask May to marry me" Papa was so stunned by the sudden change in conversation. He said "What's that?" and he moved his rocker closer so he could hear better! So Gaston had to repeat his same speech. Then Papa said "Of course, of course!" He was taken by surprise that night. After a few awkward minutes, he left and went to the kitchen to tell Mama she should come see us in the living room. So in a few minutes Mama came in, all smiles, and Gaston went through the same procedure and she smiled saying "Why, yes, you are old enough." (It made me think how young she was when she married at 18, and here we were 23 and 24.)

   That being settled, Gaston reached in his pocket and pulled out my engagement ring with a diamond. I was very, very surprised because I had told him all along times were so hard it was best not to spend money on an engagement ring. But there it was. Of course I was very happy with it.

   The next morning after Mass, his mother came up to me to kiss me and gave me a package which contained a white crochet bedspread and a set of doilies and a dresser scarf. All beautifully done, so very, very beautiful with a rose colored satin spread to place underneath the crocheted bedspread... It was indeed a beautiful weekend and we decided to get married on June 30, 1936.

   Love to all of you who walked this time with us.

   Bye for now May Reulet Gravois