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   We had fun in the little store. Later on as we were in the teenage years we were learning to dance in that little store. I called T Lise to ask her if she remember and she certainly did. We were trying to name the boys and girls who came.

   Sometimes mama would make ice cream and get our little to crank the ice cream freezer. Remember? Then on other Sundays mama would send us Lemonade. We'd crank up that phonograph and dance the fox trot, the waltz, the two-in-one step. I'm not sure where we learned. I am trying to list the names and Lise and I could not remember them all, I do remember that poor Claude Gravois just could not get that Rhythm! All the girls tried to teach him but he just couldn't get it.

   Gaston was never there for those dance lessons. So we never once danced together.

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Gaston caddy Brierre Stan & Mat

   Yes, Gaston was such a good guy. That's why I wrote this out.

   He told me all of this late in life. He just felt like thinking about it and maybe it made him better for sharing it with me. I always knew he had come to New Orleans for the seventh grade, because the little I knew of him, I remember he would have been in my class when I was moved from the 6th to the 7th after the first grading period. Life goes along regardless of what happens. That is why he grew up in New Orleans.

   On weekends he spent that time with Stan and Mat (Stan's first wife) and also the older George Brierre, parents of Mat, in that big house on Franklin Avenue. Stan was playing golf every weekend and he would take Gaston to caddy for him and for others. That gave him spending money. He said he bought his clothes and also cigarettes with his earnings. Later on he said if he had known better he would not have spent his few dollars for cigarettes and he could have paid his way to Holy Cross, where the tuition was just about $3.00 a month. What was good about his weekends at Stan's was the company; that is the elderly Brierres who took such an interest in him and also Mariette who was just a very wonderful person. and a super influence on him. Believe he was well cared for and loved by that family. He often spoke to me about a very good growing up time under their influence. And they all loved him and cared for him. He was quite happy and he seldom came to Vacherie, unless Mat and Stan were taking a ride out there for the weekend.

   I want you to know that in spite of the conditions which led him to leave his family ,he adjusted very, very, well to whatever came his way. He had such Faith that the Lord would guide him and he accepted whatever came his way, and I want to assure you that he never strayed from that path and he let the Lord lead his way. How many times in our married he would say "The good Lord will help us" and he sincerely followed that belief. It gives me PEACE to believe as strongly as he did that was so. I hope this helps you understand what his total life meant to him.