1940's WWII visitors Brooklyn fireman

   Americans were on the move. There was the preparations for a big WAR, which most of us didn't know what it was all about but we soon learned. Troops in training, troops moving, bases being prepared, bases being supplied with the armors of WAR . The airplanes, the boats, the tanks, the famous PT boats being built by Andrew Higgins, right here in New Orleans. The wave of workers training and gearing up for the WAR effort.

   It meant a great change in our way of life. New Orleans was Port of Embarkation (Oh, we learned new words every day.) Many, many soldiers, sailors and marines were stationed here for some time and training before getting what they called the "marching orders". The wives would come in for a few weekends or a few weeks to be with their husbands for a last goodbye before the husband was "shipped out". This was a very busy city.

   Brooklyn fireman

   Many romances were started right here in New Orleans. One of them was Margie's sister, Irma Estrade. She met a fireman from Brooklyn and he was a soldier. She married him and when he came back from the war, she moved to Brooklyn where she had a very happy life with him and their baby daughter and his large and friendly family. Lewis, John, Woodrow

   Three of my brothers went to WAR. Lewis was in the MERCHANT MARINE, John was in NAVY and Woodrow was in the AIR FORCE. Then we had Earl working in Pearl Harbor. Many times he wrote of enlisting, but our letters talked him out of it. Woodrow & John meet John & Woodrow meet

   By chance Woodrow and John met in the Pacific. Woodrow was working on his plane (he was a flight mechanic) and he found out that John's ship was at anchor close by. John would not be allowed to get off his ship, but Woodrow was able to get the right signals to the ship and a native paddled his canoe with Woodrow to the ship. Woodrow was taken aboard ship for a touching reunion.

   Their picture and article were published in The New Orleans Item. Rosemary ,my sister had brought the news to the Item and we read the news. (I kept that news article for a very long time until it just crumbled to pieces.)

   Woodrow told me on another occasion he was in the same port as John but conditions were such that he was unable to get in touch with John.