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Gaston May Papa sobbing Mama Bernice Rette Nell & Claude

   After Gaston had asked the consent of my parents to marry me, all we had to do was to start making plans. We decided to get married on June 30 because we wanted it to take place in June. On a weekend visit we went to see our pastor, Father Delnom, to tell him about the date and bring our baptismal certificates. It would be at seven in the morning. At that point in time, we had to fast from midnight and also not allowed to drink water. I was always afraid of passing out in church because of my low blood pressure and I would get very weak. It did appear though that all weddings were early in the morning if it was at Mass. In a way I was sorry we picked a Tuesday,because some persons could not take off work to attend ,someone like Uncle Eddie and also Lester Hymel .

   Then we had to do some shopping. What about the wedding rings? We went to Hausmann's Jewelry Store on Canal Street. Gaston paid $10.00 for his gold ring, and mine was a little more, called white gold size 3, with some tiny diamonds ( 5) across the top of the band. (Where did they dig up these diamonds ? )

   The next thing was to find a house. We found a nice cottage at 3028 Paris Avenue (no less ). We found out the rent would be $25.00 a month. Mariette (Stan' wife ) said "We'll try to do better than that." She invited the landlady to her lovely home on Franklin Avenue and after a liitle good chit-chat, Mat asked the landlady to consider; we were a young couple, just starting out, and would she reduce the rent? The landlady agreed to let us have it for $22.00 a month. .Gaston always said Mat was a diplomat who could talk anybody out of anything.

   Then we had to shop for furniture. With Mat and Stan along for advice, we bought a bedroom suite; Bed, Dresser, Vanity dresser with bench, a chair. Then for the spare room,a studio couch that could be opened for 2 persons, a table with 4 chairs, then a stove, an icebox, a kitchen table and 2 chairs, curtains and shades ( that was before venetian blinds). Really. Everything for the 4 room house for $300.

   The place had to get a good cleaning and painting. Gaston would come work on the house during his time off; and Mat and her maid a and my cousin Lorette (Rette for short) all pitched in. They would come in the afternoons and really gave that litle cottage a great look. The windows and the front door were all very well polished and shining.

   I had bought the wedding invitations (100 ) and started to address them. I was told that they have to be sent out three weeks before the wedding. When I went shopping for my wedding Rette was with me. I bought the lace dress over a satin slip and the long tulle wedding veil. That's when Rette said, "I'm coming to that wedding"

   So all was ready.

   Rette tok care of my hair on the wedding morning and after I was all dressed, Gaston rushed in kissed me. Mama said "Oh, he's not supposed to see the bride yet" But she was laughing.

   Someone had had to go to the St. James Bakery to get the bread at 4 that morning. And Bernice always reminded me ever after that the day before the wedding she baked 8 cakes in that wood stove.

   So we all made to church and the wedding was beautiful as far as I knew. Then when we had to walk to the sacristy to sign papers, Gaston had forgotten to ask papa to come sign, too. So he came out to call papa. The priest said we had 2 signatures and that was all right, also we had started to leave the sacristy and, I'll never forget this, we met Papa coming toward the sacristy and he was sobbing out loud. It was emotional for him. We turned back to the church and walked up the aisle to the main door. The attendants for our wedding were Nell and Gaston's brother Claude.

   There were lots of people at the reception and in the house and under the pecan trees. The only pictures were taken by Wanda Poche .a good friend and a teacher at our school, and who was also dating Ernest at that time. I am so glad she had brought her camera along. Otherwise we would have had no pictures. Ernest and Wanda drove us to the city and to the L&N Railway Station which was located by the edge of the French Quarter at the river. That was the Louisville and Nashville Railway Co. Part of its trip was to the Gulf Coast. So we started our life together at the Buena Vista Hotel . That was the beginning of a wonderful life with a truly wonderful man who was so true, so faithful, and so loving to me. Thank the Lord!!