topic 1920-1930

French high school

   We grew up speaking French ,but when it came to learning to write it and speaking it grammatically,it was a different. Well, in high school, it was pretty easy.No problem and neither the first years in college, but when i had to take one more semester at U.N.O in the Summer of 63, it was a bit different. Mr. Lefebebure of France was a bit tough when it came to exams. But in class,he always called on me for the translations and when we had to spell the words, I spelled them in French which brought out a sad moaning from the whole class ,but the professor said to continue spelling with the French alphabet.

   Those young college kids did not care to spell in French, Some of the girls had been at summer school at Laval University in Canada and they insisted they'get an "A" . Anyway, it was fun with them. They didn't mind a bit that I was a grandmother by that time.