Father's Day at Buca di Beppo



In May of 2004, I got the idea of inviting Fr. Bob Scott with a bunch of altar boys from the old Latin days to the Pope's Room at Buca de Beppo's for Father's Day. I tested it on a few people and everyone thought it was fine.

After I had enough interested, I asked Fr Bob if he had ever "heard of Buca di...".

He interjected "Oh yes, and they have a Pope's Room, which I haven't been to yet."

That settled it. It was a wrap.

Thanks to Ferris Duhon and Brian Greig, we have some nice pictures to remember that evening. Thanks to Jim Shay, we got to see an old St Joseph's Missal.


If anyone has extra pictures, send them to me at rgravois@yahoo.com. I will include them in a next edition of this webpage.

Richard Gravois
Austin, Texas