Colette and Zoë

some emails, etc

Hey, blog fine, who be the papa and mama and grandparents of twins???? Pls advise.


from Paris, France

Great, we are very glad. David and I will come see her and of course Zoe too one of these days, when things settle down a little around here....


T h a n k s be to God!


How lucky Collette and Zoe are to have such a wonderful family to welcome them to this world. And how lucky you are to have that honor.


Glad Colette's eating!! Hope things continue to progress well!! Much love,


from Moscow,Russia

I am so thankful that things are looking good. We were looking forward to visiting with you at church today, but have a command appearance at a farewell brunch for a friend who is leaving for Massachusetts. See you next week!


My heart & thoughts are with you all. I am glad baby Zoe is doing well as I am sure soon will be baby Colette. Please keep us informed on the status of baby Colette. We want to know about Zoe too! (Pictures are wonderful too! - Don't be shy, you can send them!)

We wish you the best & hope that you are enjoying those brand new baby girls. I was convinced that Gravois' only had boys. Way to go Adam & Heather for having girls!! I never thought that girls were possible.

Please tell Adam, Heather & Jude, we said hello & congratulations. We wanted to give them a call, we just wanted to give them time to settle, but let them know we are thinking of them.

I know we are far away, but if you all need anything, please let me know.

Maybe Wade, Durham & I can take a trip up there sometime soon & meet the newest Gravois members.

Hope all is well, wish we could be there.

Tina, Wade & Durham.
Slidell, LA

P.S. I attached a recent picture of Durham for you guys! (Don't be afraid to say it.....He's a Big Boy!! (We know it)

Love Always......Tina

Thanks for the update and the pictures of the girls on your blog (bog? - that's where you go after you've imbibed in an Irish pub - and there are places where that is literally where you go. the door says "Men" and it leads outside)

The girls are lovely. I see the resemblance too, I think it's in the hair style on Colette. But you're right, she'll outgrow it.

Very glad to hear that things are going so well



Hi , Many thanks for sending updates on the twins..this is the first I believe in the Gallant it ... Ms P w/ Zoe did not look like grandma...more like Auntie Paula....I do hope Colette is doing well.. I called Ms B and gave her the total pounds....Leonard also happened to call and I gave him the great news ...The Gallants have finally produced twins with the big assistance of the Gravois...who have a history of producing of twins.....



Thanks for the e-mail and news of the birth.
Bernadette says Paulette has not changed a bit.

I hope the post-op is uneventful and there is rapid recovery.

Best wishes to all of you,
Joe and Bernadette.

Oh, Richard! What heavenly news!!! I am so proud for you and all of your famliy. I want more pictures! We have a beautiful 2-1/2 year old granddaughter, Alissa Lee (Lee is my middle name) Blanton and she is the absolute love of our lives. Red hair and blue eyes.

Congratulations to everyone. Isn't being grandparents the most spectacular thing in the world?!!! Leslie's daughter, Eden, is pregnant, so she'll soon know the same feeling.

Love to all,
Tricia Blanton

Zoë name popularity

Colette name popularity

Dear Paulette and Richard: Congratulations to you and the family. I am so thankful that Collette is doing well. It must have been very frightening to have such a big problem in such a little soul so new to the world. Having Grandma as a nurse probably helped to keep you calmer and more informed than most families would have been in the same situation. Big brother Jude looks pretty happy too!


Hey - I'm in Seattle for a Microsoft meeting (why else come to Seattle). Thank you for this report. Prayers and lots of other good things from the West coast. Keep the good news coming.


Hi: we want a weekly report But if you look at your note there is a small error You MR. R said that after closing the hole inthe esophzagus the good doctor reconnected it to the throat /voice box Hey that guy was really excited about the 1st. time chance he had with this procedure!!! Keep a close watch on that guy but I am sure thatit was a type errror Paullette looks like a thousand smiles she must take after her big sister EEM smiles on all holidays That is the liturgical holy days.
Take Care
Do we have achance for HONORARY GODPARENTS ?????



first thing this AM I thought well, I shouldn't call Heather & Adam but I really want to know how the surgery went & I guess I could write Tom Livesay who had last written that the surgery would be happening. Then

I thought about calling Richard & Paulette... Almost immediately your email came... Very informative and a great relief. gracias, seņor.

We just had the 6 month old great niece over with her dad, Chris Elliott, & he knows you from the Demo party and was happy to hear.

Good luck on the umlaut. Excellent photos.
Please give your kids & grandkids a hug.



Thanks for the update. Didn't have time to chat after Mass, an ill friend was waiting for our visit.

BYW, my baby brother's first born son had the same esophageal problem at birth and is now a 6'2" belligerent 17 year-old, eager to be without parent supervision.

Give the proud parents our best wishes.

Mary Ann

blessings to the little sweeties from cathy. surgery queen here thinks all will go well. xx

M. Catherine Maternowska

What a wonderful week -- for all of you.


Sounds great. Glad to hear all this.

Don (Brode)

Richie and Paulette --

Great story and account of the week's happenings Very exciting. Wonderful outcome on surgery. We are glad to hear everything is going well, especially with Zoe!

Pass our best wishes along to everyone from your relatives in the North Star State.

Joe, Stephanie, Max and Maria

Hello Mr. Gravois,

How are you doing? how is Mrs. Gravois doing? congratulations on becoming proud grandparents again. Thank you for sharing the pictures, Jude looks so cute and so does baby Zoe. The grandmothers look delighted!!. I am glad that the surgery procedure for baby Colette went smoothly.

Please convey our best wishes to Adam & Heather.

once again our best wishes and prayers.

Archana & Vikram

Richard, I am so happy for you and Paulette (and Adam and Heather, of course). The pictures wouldn't open, so try sending again, if you would. I want to see your little granddaughters.

Happy grandparenting.


Welcome Zoe & Colette and my congrats to all.
Grandkids are our reward for rearing our own and oh so enjoyable.Thanks for keeping me in the loop and letting me know whats going on in your life.

Paulette, you look way to young to be a Grandma you have not changed in all the years I've known you..My prayers are with the little one My best to all.

Be Happy ----Vi

Please, squeeze Zoe's hand once for me, and kiss Collette for me. Love, Margaret
PS You did make me look up the word umlaut.

Margaret Gravois

What beautiful names for such beautiful girls. I am assuming that if you have seen one, you have seen both. Love, Margaret

Margaret Gravois

Zoe is cute and so is Paulette.

So glad to hear the surgery went so well. You are all in our thoughts and prayers, tell Adam & Heather we send our congratulations!!

Keith, Angie , Kyle & Logan

Wow! I will pray that all goes well, which I am sure it will. Tell my nephew "Hello and congratulations", for me.
What are their names? A and B?

Love, Warren

Pretty names, and I'm sure the owners will grow into them. Good luck to Colette with her recovery from surgery. I hope everything heals quickly. Happy homecoming to Zoë! And no, I'm not going to remember it's Alt-0235.


Thanks for the update Richard. I really was worried all day about Baby B.... VERY HAPPY to hear the surgery was a success.
Any update this morning yet?
Names? Pictures?


I am so thrilled to hear that everything was a success yesterday. I can't wait to see a picture of the two angels. I'm not sure about Buttermilk and Trigger!!!! HA HA....

I will continue to keep your family in my prayers..... See you when you return...

wow! great work, a sigh of relief and laproscopically... very impressive that means a talented current surgeon, we will keep praying.

xo amnii

Wonderful news! I'm glad the surgery went well, and the baby will be fine. Not so sure about your suggested names, though...


Our prayers will be with you all.

Uncle Richard,
I didn't know Adam and Heather were having new babies! How wonderful! I will tell Tim and Janet and Baby B and the whole family will be in our hearts and prayers.
What is their address?


Congratulations and prayers are in order, and you've got plenty of both being sent your way from the Memphis metropolitan area.

Please give Adam and Heather big hugs from Michael, Stephen, and Aunt Karen.

Though we've all decided that the babies' names are a little to clinical sounding. However, Baby-B is alliterative, so she has that going for her. Please reconsider Baby-A.

X, M, S, and AK

I will keep this little one in my thoughts and prays (and Baby_A too). If there is anything you and your family need please let us know. Take care and don't hesitate to ask if you need anything.

Carol Smith

Zoe and Paulette are beautiful! "For each child that's born a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are.....we are one." Sweet Honey in the Rock

Welcome Zoe and Colette!

Lu Congratulations to you all.
Those are some beautiful granddaughters!

Sending Healing Thoughts/Energy to Colette,

JoAnn and Rupert

tounges -- don't you have spell check?

I think you mean tongues (?)

Or are we creating new words just to make Adam feel better?

Thanks for the Happy Baby and Big Brother News!


Thanks for the update and the pictures of the girls on your blog (bog? - that's where you go after you've imbibed in an Irish pub - and there are places where that is literally where you go. the door says "Men" and it leads outside)

The girls are lovely. I see the resemblance too, I think it's in the hair style on Colette. But you're right, she'll outgrow it.

Very glad to hear that things are going so well


Rosie >