Colette and Zoë

The Current Week

Sept 17th, 2006

Four Months old
Zoë on left, Colette on right.

The Current Week

July 7th, 2006

Picture from Tom's camera (the other grandpa aka Pops)
Colette on left, Zoë on right.

July 4th,2006

Aunt Karen (with a black belt in Omi (soon to be great Omi)) visited for a few days on a trip from Memphis to Wyoming to Oklahoma to Texas and back to Memphis..

The girls are getting bigger and seem to pay attention and smile.

One Month old

Who? me?

What? me worry?

Colette and Zoë are growing day by day and starting to study the outside world. Colette had a checkup with her surgeon and he was very pleased with the progress.

Zoë is just cruising along.

Tonight we went to a wedding of the daughter of an old friend and and learned that umlauts are not supposed to be on e's and i's. We hope to change acceptable rules of grammar, but if we can't, We will break it to Zoë gently, but she seems tough enough to take life as it come along.

On Wednesday, Paulette found that her fracture on the foot was not healing with the velcro cast, so they did it the old-fashioned way with a plaster and fiberglass cast.

We got a leg-ccaddy thing that seems better than crutches. We will see in a few wweks.

Sunday 6/11/ 11PM

In the afternoon, Richard and Jude went to Zilker Park to ride the train and play on the Playscape and other fun things then we went home to cook supper
Everyone showed up little by little and we had a pretty good dinner. I didn't want to barbeque in 100 degree heat and nobody volunteered to do it either. 100 degrees on June 11 is pretty hot and we have been setting records lately.

After supper, the girls were sleeping in their respective carriers out front and I was watching them. One woke up and I used the excuse to hold her and walk around a little bit. She was looking all around and sometimes smiling, so I thought it was Zoë but Heather said that this was Colette.

So Colette is smiling now! and looking around, and feeling very strong.


Heather also said that they each nurse and do other baby things as though they were named Trigger, but ButterMilk is still a silly name and Trigger is not a good name for a girl.

more later

Sunday 5/28 9PM

8AM: Richard fed Colette at 8 AM this morning,,, 20cc, she sucked it dry in less than two minutes

2PM: Adam and Heather visited Colette and fed her. It's up to 40cc's now
8PM: Paulette and Richard visited her. Paulette fed her 40 cc's. It looks gigantic compared to the 8 AM quantity.
also, the tag on her foot that measures blood oxygen is not connected anymore, as per doctor's orders
mini yippee!!!

Saturday 5/27/06, Colette is taking a bottle without any trouble.

Grandpa plans to go feed her in the early A.M.

Friday 5/26/06

Colette had an Xray that showed that the pipe was healed and not leaking. She takes a bottle every few hours.Last Week (The first Week)

Wednesday 1 PM
The twins were born on Wednesday
Baby-A at 7 lbs 12
Baby-B at 6 lbs 12
Mother and babies were doing fine then...
we found out that Baby-B will need surgery to repair the esophagus.

It seems that the food pipe does not connect below the throat and that the food pipe above the stomach is connected to the windpipe.

The surgery consists of moving the stomach pipe off the windpipe and closing that hole in the side of the windpipe and then connecting the stomach pipe to the throat pipe. If all goes well, it might be accomplished via laproscopic surgery.

That night the cardiologist said that the heart was very good and that everything else looked very encouraging.

We will know more later today.

We have heard that "of all the serious defects to be repaired, this one is a good one to have".


Today the surgery (4 hours) was a success; all done thorascoptically (laproscopic is the abdominal cavity, thorax is chest, but you knew that)

The surgeon said that he had been done the procedure the old way by opening the ribs several times and he had been waiting for such a case for years. He gave us some pictures that were very impressive. He was grinning from ear to ear.


I'm sure that your prayers and the good hands guy worked well together.

She (Baby-B) will probably stay in the hospital for another three weeks, maybe four.

The mother and Baby-A go home in the morning

maybe they will have names soon?

Buttermilk and Trigger?
more later


Baby-B now has a name: Colette Ondine Gravois

Google give several Colette's. Here is a French author:>

such wisdom for such a young thing?

Colette will stay in the hospital for a few weeks but her sister is going home today.

Zoë Marie Gravois

Zoë Marie Gravois

I guess I will figure out how to write an umlaut in plain text soon enough

10:00 PM
We heard that Paulette's sister, Elaine had written a paper on this at St Louis University when she got her nursing degree about 52 years ago and that she knew of another case in Grand Rapids. Small world.

Here is Adam's real address:
Adam and Heather Gravois
5109 Avenue F
Austin, Tx 78751

Saturday: May 20

Today, Saturday May 20, I went to see Colette at 9 AM to talk about things in her future and to hold her hand. The nurse said that she could see a family resemblence, but I told Colette she will get over that. Then we went to Adam's to do things.

Sunday: May 21 7:00 AM

I will go see Colette in a little while and then we will start to figure out how to schedule our housekeeping visits to Adam and Heather's house so that we are not all there at the same time.

For what it's worth, today, May 21 is the start of the Gemini part of the astrology calendar.